Any intelligent blogger will tell you the cardinal rule of this craft is to focus a blog on one specific topic. I thus present my blog Random Stuff.

A human being has nuances, fluctuations and on an infinite number of spectrums belongs somewhere different. How therefore do you summarise the crux of one in a few brief sentences on an ‘About’ page. I’ll tell you how- I am Shakespeare, Lionel Messi, Van Gogh and Beethoven rolled into one person. The only problem- I have Lionel Messi’s English ability, Shakespeare’s soccer skills, Beethoven’s painting prowess and Van Gogh’s musicality. I am also a young man from Adelaide with big dreams largely thanks to a sleep disorder.

Be sure to check out my other blog with a new puzzle, riddle, game or interesting tidbit posted daily (as I write this I’m up to day 5- check to see if I’ve forsaken these daily postings by day 6) : http://puzzleaday.wordpress.com/


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