Anagrams of Countries

 The English names of certain countries can be rearranged to spell words found in the dictionary. An example of this is the letters of ‘Yemen’ can be rearranged to spell the word ‘enemy.’ Below, is a list I have compiled, of all of the valid one word anagrams of the countries of the world. The country list I used to check for anagrams can be found here and the anagram solver I used can be found here. There exists 36 countries on the list. 


Particular anagrams of note include:

The longest anagram and country name (10 letters) –

Micronesia and acrimonies.


The second longest anagram and country name (9 letters) –

East Timor and estimator.

Suriname and aneurism.


The most anagrams of a country name- Israel with 5 anagrams (serial, sailer, resail, ariels and serail)  




The list


Algeria = regalia

Angola = analog and agonal

Benin = benni

Brunei = bernie

Burma = rumba and umbra

Cameroon = coenamor

Chile = chiel

China = chain

Curacao = Curacoa

Cyprus = Sprucy

Dominica = daimonic

East Timor = estimator

Eritrea = tearier

Estonia = atonies

Gabon = bogan and goban

Guyana = guanay

Iceland = inlaced

Iran = rain, rani and airn

Israel = serial, sailer, resail, ariels and serial

Italy = laity

Laos = also and sola

Libya = bialy

Mali = mail and mila

Malta = tamal

Micronesia = acrimonies

Nepal = panel, plane, penal and plena

Niger = reign and renig

Oman = moan, noma and mano

Peru = pure

Samoa = Omasa

Serbia = rabies and braise

Spain = pains, pinas, nipas and pians

Suriname = aneurism

Taiwan = atwain

Tonga = tango

Yemen = enemy



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