The 100 Funniest Facebook Pages of 2014

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1. Painting your lawn blue so google earth thinks you have a pool.


2. Voldemort has a flat face because he ran into the wrong wall at the Station


3. The awkward moment when wikipedia has copied your homework.


4. Being inappropriately drunk at low-key family gatherings


5. “Dear Google,Can u Just let Me Write my Sentence Before u Start Guessing”


6. Slowly dying when the teacher picks the slow reader.


7. Mom: Where were you last night? Son: Studying with my friends. Mom: Don’t lie. Son: Alright, I was at a stripper club. Mom: DID YOU SEE ANYTHING THERE THAT YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE?!?!? Son: yeh…I saw dad.


8. Gingers, the only people who look forward to going grey


9. Randomly thrusting at inappropriate times


10. “I wanna fuck you so hard right now” “what!” “Damn autocorrect. I mean Hey”


11. That mysterious toothbrush in the bathroom that nobody in your family uses.


12. I like your makeup… LOL, jk. It looks like you got gangbanged by Crayola.


13. Wtf is up with all these lol jk groups? LOL Jk I’ve joined like 50


14. Girl: “OH F*CK IT’S A SPIDER!” Guy: “Calm down, it’s just a spi… OH SH*T, THAT B*TCH IS HUGE!”


15. Sorry I missed your call… LOL JK I ignored that shit.


16. ‘hey umm, isn’t this kinda dangerous’…..”JUST SHUT UP and hold my BEER”


17. Math is the only place where I hear someone doing ridiculous things. FOR EXAMPLE, “John has 30 chocolate bars, he eats 23, what does he have now?” DIABETES?? MAYBE???!!!


18. Making faces at little kids, while their parents aren’t looking


19. i just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes and I though to myself, “Wow dogs are easily entertained…” Then I realised, I just watched my dog chase it’s tail for ten minutes…


20. Dear mom, I’m wearing skinny jeans. Sincerely, If I can’t get them off, neither can the rapist.


21. not sure if homeless or hipster


22. “Marriage” – Betting someone half your shit that you’ll love them forever


23. Supergluing woody n buzz to your shelf so they cant have fun when youre out


24. “I used the theasurus” “You signed your name as ‘Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani'”


25. Spelling a word so bad that spell check cant even fix it.


26. Children in the dark cause accidents, accidents in the dark cause children


27. The awkward moment when a PE teacher is fat


28. The awkward moment when you go to grab someone sexy and headbutt the mirror


29. The awkward moment when gingers claim to be strawberry blonde


30. ツ The Awkward Moment When “The Awkward Moment” Isn’t That Awkward ツ


31. Hi, yes I do specialist maths, ladies please form a y=mx+c.


32. Grandpa: When i was your age my momma would send me down to the store with $1 and I would come back with 5 bags of potatoes 2 loaves of bread, 3 bottles of milk a box of tea and 6 eggs but you cant do that these days to many stupid security cameras.


33. When I play fighting games I press random buttons and hope for the best


34. I just read that 4,153,237 people got married last year. I don’t want to cause any arguments but… shouldn’t that be an even number?


35. University: Producing the most educated alcoholics since 1892


36. Sometimes…When I’m Bored…I Stand In A Room And Pretend Im A Carrot.


37. Calm the fuck down, i watch man vs wild, i got this.


38. COD, Keeping teenage pregnancy down since 2003.


39. “ahaha you flinched”, “no shit u nearly punched me”


40. If my ceiling fan could hold my weight, I would never be bored again.


41. Okay, I will get out of the bed in 10 seconds. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-9-9-9.


42. Dad: Son, I think we should talk about sex now. Son: Ok, what do u wanna to know?


43. “Shhh Guys Im Calling My Mum” *Person in Backround* “Oi Bro Pass The Bong”


44. Standing naked on the porch waiting for google maps to take a picture.


45. Hi, im Osama Bin Laden , and Windows 7 was my idea.


46. “Yes Officer I did see the Speed Limit sign I just didn’t see YOU”


47. Dentist Stop Talking to Me, I Cant Talk Your Hand is in My Mouth


48. Alcoholic?! No, i believe its pronounced Drinking Enthusiast.


49. stop microwave with 1 second to go……………….. feel like a bomb defuser


50. Talking to someone then randomly yelling “NO I WILL NOT TAKE OFF MY PANTS!”


51. You: “I’d like a Coke.” Waiter:”Is Pepsi ok?” You: “Is Monopoly money ok?”


52. Chuck Norris doesn’t mow his lawn, he stands outside and dares it to grow.


53. Chuck norris can play dubstep on a triangle.


54. chuck norris’s daughter lost her virginity….he got it back.


55. Chuck Norris had sex with a truck, 9months later optimus prime was born


56. Eyeing your toys suspiciously after watching toy story.


57. My neighbours listen to good music, whether they like it or not


58. Violently fist pumping when your teacher wheels in the TV trolley


59. being nice to the weird kid in class so they spare you when they snap.


60. Looks like Voldemorts parents took the ”got your nose game’ a bit too far


61. Dear Pinocchio, So all I have to do is lie? Sincerely Lord Voldemort


62. Sending fake hogwarts letters to 11 year olds


63. Droping skhool coz me alredy got way to much edmucation


64. Deciding when its the right time to tell your pets they were adopted.


65. Dumping your boyfriend via scratching a message on his COD disk


66. Some chick told me to get lost so I bought every season on DVD


67. “do you have any friends?” “bitch please I have all 10 seasons”


68. The sexual tension between Judge Judy & the Bailiff.


69. Selling family members on ebay


70. struggling so hard to open something then spotting the “tear here”


71. Eww a dead camel LOL JKS im bear grylls, thats a house.


72. The Kid thats Wasted before the party even begins


73. If i got $1 for everytime i got called dumb, i would have $32.75


74. Swapping your mates lube with deep heat.


75. When i’m bored, i lay in the garden and pretend to be a cucumber.


76. Being more confused than a homeless person on house arrest


77. Having a go at the teacher for losing work that you never even did


78. Removing your windscreen wipers so you can’t get parking tickets.


79. Dumping your girlfriend via the school notices


80. Receiving bonus chips in the bag of air you purchased


81. I got an ‘e’ on my English test. I’m just glad ‘e’ stands for awesome.


82. Using ‘Thus’ in an essay because you are a Literary GOD


83. Fist pumping in a maths exam when your favourite equation comes up


84. Can i use ur mobile to call my mum ? Yeah just hit Redial”


85. Holding nan back from doing a burn out infront of her ex’s house.


86. People say I’m patronizing (that means I treat them like they’re stupid)


87. Whoever put an S in the word “lisp” was an evil genius


88. My Favourite Machine In The Gym Is…The vending machine


89. I don’t get older. I level up


90. Not knowing how to work other people’s showers



The following pages have funny content:


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96. Crazy Vines


97. Meanwhile In Australia.


98. Meanwhile in Canada


99. Meanwhile In America




Thanks for reading my list of the 100 Funniest Facebook Pages of 2014!


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