Psychic Magic Trick That The Auidence Won’t See Coming

One of the problems with the majority of magic tricks that attempt to prove “psychic abilities” involves the need for special equipment. There are many magic “psychic ability” tests online however the majority of these tests rely on simple algorithms that only fool a small fraction of people. Today I stumbled across what is possibly the most fool-proof and effective “psychic ability” magic trick online.

The basic idea behind the test involves the magician (you) sitting behind the computer and the audience member sitting 6 feet behind the computer, watching the screen. The person on the screen will ask the audience member to choose from one of five shapes. The circle, the cross, the wavy lines, the square or the star. The person on the screen will then reveal the same shape as the audience member every single time.

The trick involves the magician controlling the computer’s mouse. The video automatically pauses and the audience member is told to say the name of the shape out loud. This is where the magician springs into action. The play button that appears in the centre of the screen automatically is cleverly divided into 5 parts. The top left corner, the top right corner, the bottom left corner, the bottom right corner and the middle. The video will show the person on the screen selecting a different shape depending upon where the magician clicks on the central play button.

If the magician clicks:

The top left: a circle is chosen

Top right: a cross is chosen

Bottom left: wavy lines are chosen

Bottom right: a square is chosen

Middle: a star is chosen.

It is up to the magician to memorise these correlations. It is then as simple as waiting for the audience member to say out loud which shape they have chosen and consequentially the magician clicks the corresponding part of the play button. The video will then show the person on the screen choosing the same shape as the audience member every single time.

The video that appears below explains the trick and how to perform it.

The video of the actual trick that is to be shown to the audience member can be found here:


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