Chimpanzees most likely have a better short term memory than you

I previously considered Hindu-Arabic numeral memory to be an anthropocentric process however young chimpanzee have outperformed University students at this very task.

To see if you have a better short term memory than Ayumu the chimpanzee, try this test:

If the above link doesn’t load, a simple version of the game (you need to set it to 0.2 seconds to complete the chimp’s challenge) can be found here:

The test involves recalling in their correct position and ascending order, the numbers that flash up on the screen.

The highest score I can achieve is 6. Ayumu the chimpanzee averages 8 correct.

A fascinating video of Ayumu performing this test can be seen here:

I strongly recommend watching this video as it defies belief.

The test results suggest that young chimpanzees have a superior eidetic memory to university students. An article full of details about the memory test can be found here:

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