iSnack….. 3.0

People power has spoken, Kraft have decided to rename iSnack 2.0 after thousands of complaints over the ridiculous name. The cheesy vegemite will now be named based upon a popularity vote. Kraft will distribute the jars labelled iSnack 2.0 to supermarkets until the new name is chosen, a decision that is expected to take months. The management at Kraft will be literally ‘licking their lips’ at the prospect of more publicity about iSnack 2.0’s replacement name.

Two theories of thought exist over the renaming of iSnack 2.0.

  1. The name iSnack 2.0 was chosen knowing that it was a ridiculous name that would cause controversy. The resultant excessive media coverage and renaming of iSnack 2.0 was all pre-planned.
  2. The name iSnack 2.0 was chosen in ignorance. The renaming of iSnack 2.0 was not planned and only occurred after the public and media backlash.

I tend to support theory number 2. Kraft is known as a fairly conservative company and would have entered uncharted waters with a potential consumer minefield if found out to have engaged in theory 1. The advertising agency that Kraft hired to spearhead the vegemite “name me” campaign only had a say in ‘how’ to name the new product, not ‘what.’ They decided to call on an Australia wide “name me” competition. This was a reasonable and intelligent marketing idea. The marketing company did not have a say in what name Kraft ended up choosing. This tends to signify to me that an out-of-touch, grey-haired, ivory-tower positioned, corporate chose the name iSnack 2.0 out of the thousands of entries. The name was singled out as an attempt to crack into the youth market and has ‘old corporate’ trying to break into the youth market without much knowledge written all over it. 

I suspect that vegemite will put a link on their website in the coming days to vote on the new name. Although this is speculative, I believe after a month or two, the name with the highest number of votes will be the replacement for iSnack 2.0. Many months ago, Australia had to vote on which Australian landmarks would become properties in the new Australian Monopoly. From memory, someone hacked into the website and did thousands of phantom votes for South Australian landmarks. I think a possible and humorous albeit farfetched conclusion to the new vegemite vote would be if this occurred again and iSnack 2.0 won the “popular” vote.

I ended up tasting iSnack 2.0 today for the first time and didn’t find the flavour too different from the traditional vegemite. It has a similar texture and colour to nutella and is weaker tasting than vegemite. The added cheese was also hard to detect. In conclusion the Australian public look to be ‘happy little vegemites’ once again.

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