iSnack 2.0

The name of the new Vegemite was revealed today during quarter time of the AFL Grand Final. The winning name was “iSnack 2.0” 

The name “iSnack 2.0”

Out of over 35,000 competition entries, for some bizarre reason that completely alludes me, the name “iSnack 2.0” was chosen. I can hardly imagine that this name will catch on and I believe Kraft have made a mistake by choosing this name to represent the new vegemite. The name is not catchy or easy to say and does nothing to represent the cheese element of the vegemite. Looking through the vegemite website at the other name suggestions, I can find hundred that I prefer to iSnack 2.0, all of which are catchy, easy to say and not overly contrived. The real test will come when the Aussie consumers start referring to the new vegemite product and writing it on shopping lists. I imagine that it will mainly be referred to as the “new vegemite” or the “cheesy vegemite.” I expect that if people do refer to the new name, it will be abbreviated to “iSnack.”

 This is what the name means:

i=intenet. Referring to the Kraft “name me” competition launched online on the 13th of July 2009. The objective was to come up with a name for the new vegemite.

Snack= Obviously referring to vegemite being a snack.

2.0= In computer terms, 2.0 refers to a second version of something such as a program. iSnack 2.0 is hence the second version of  the original vegemite.

Vegemite state that they asked people how they eat their vegemite and they said “I snack” hence the name iSnack.

The new vegemite, iSnack 2.0 is a combination of the traditional vegemite as well as a cream cheese spread. It is less salty than the original vegemite and also has the benefit of being easier to spread.

Regardless of the name iSnack 2.0, vegemite are on a winner with the amount of competition entries and discussion regarding their new product. It looks like the name will hardly stop all of the sales. In conclusion, the name “iSnack 2.0” is rather cheesy…..just like the product itself.

Update: Kraft are going to change the name of iSnack 2.0, to read my thoughts:


  1. My family were watching the grand final when they announced it. Forget the grand final as front page, put a picture of iSnack 2.0 on the front with a huge WTF underneath it.

    Tastes good though 😛

  2. Why would you answer “I snack” to the question “how do you eat your Vegemite”? Wouldn’t a more logical answer be something along the lines of “on toast”? Or, at the very least, “for a snack”?

  3. Actually, I would say the Australian thing to do would be to be name it after an American product. That old culture is no more, especially with the number of immigrants coming in.

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