Trivia Galore!

If you are ever browsing the internet, with little idea what to do next, I recommend making a visit to

It is at first glance a normal trivia website however it is much, much more than this.  It contains over 1 million trivia questions, has over 1.6 million registered members and over 6 million guests have made a visit to the website.

Some of the features of Funtrivia

  • It is the largest trivia website on the internet
  • It is free ( there are some quizzes that you can’t do without becoming a gold member however these are minimal
  • You can compare your trivia knowledge to those around your state, country or indeed the world. Most quizzes you do will give you a ranking to compare you trivia skill against others
  • You can create quizzes that other people can take
  • Every hour the feature games are refreshed, such as the tricky trivia, speed trivia, word trivia and mixed trivia
  • A ‘global-challenge’ tournament runs for several months that is highly competitive
  • A treasure hunt, where you must follow the clues over a few weeks or months to find the treasure
  • You can join a team and socialize on one of the chat boards
  • A broad range of categories to cater for a diverse range of specialist trivia topics

 I find that it helps to be a quick thinker with the majority of the quizzes as they are timed. You lose points for the longer you take to answer and the more questions that you get wrong.

I have scored approximately 500,000 points to date,  am on level 52 and have 10 ‘who’s the expert’ victories. Although I have become quite obsessed with this trivia website in the past, I haven’t played it for over a year. Despite this I recommend all lovers of trivia play at

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