Joke: The Den Family

This is a joke I made up.

The Den family were heading off to attend a political function at the White House. They were only invited because the youngest Den daughter played the oboe as part of the orchestral performance. Each member of the Den family had experienced some anxiety over the past week over an individual problem they had encountered.

The mum of the family, Lyn had a problem clapping whenever the youngest Den daughter finished playing the oboe.

Joe Den had a problem, as he was really bisexual however he made out he was heterosexual.

Sarah Den had a problem in that she promised to pay Lyn for the tickets to the White House performance however couldn’t afford to.

George Den had the problem of recently shaving his pubic hair and was regretting doing so.

The Den family took their seats at the White House function and admired how masterfully the youngest Den Daughter played the oboe as part of the orchestra. As soon as the orchestra finished, the crowd burst into applause. All of the crowd except the Mum of the Den oboe player.

An official man came on stage and spoke.

“Barack oboe-mum”

 “Joe Bi-Den”

“Sarah, Pay Lyn”

“and George double ya bush”

Each member of the Den family were extremely offended and dramatically stormed out of the White House function together. The official man then spoke again, “Now that I have that annoying Den family out of here, I can introduce the speakers.”

“Barack Obama”

“Joe Biden”

“Sarah Palin”

“and George W. Bush”

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